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Our Story

Perthgrow Finance had humble beginnings with Dev starting the business back in 2016 helping clients secure the right loan for their home.  This expanded as clients' lending needs involve much more than their home.  Perthgrow Finance secured their own Credit Licence and were now able to provide a broader range of lending services for all kinds of assets including cars, bikes, businesses and SMSF assets.  Our tagline is if you need funding, we will help you get it.

Who We Are

Perthgrow is made up of people. Therefore Perthgrow is all about people. We serve people. We love people. And we love that we get to help people secure finance for the dreams and for the things that they love.

Perthgrow is also about professionalism. We want our clients to feel like they have been treated well but also treated professionally which means that we hold to a high standard of quality and strive to carry out our services to our clients with dependability, transparency, efficiency and integrity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a prominent player in the finance broking landscape that engenders confidence in our clients, colleagues and community and to have our business hold a reputation that leaves each person that encounters us a sense of delight.


Our mission is to help clients in Perth (and beyond) to secure finance in every conceivable area of need exploring and exhausting every option available to our clients who come to us and entrust us with this task.


We make it our aim to be honest and transparent in all our dealings.


Extreme ownership:

We do not handball things to others that can be done diligently ourselves.



We will exhaust all avenues to help our clients get the best solution for their situation.



We want to make sure that both our clients as well as our team experience delight everyday and strive to create an environment to deliver the same.



Home loans

With over 51 lenders to choose from, we listen carefully to your situation and can help you find the most appropriate solutions from finding the best rates to finding lenders that will consider adverse credit and other unique circumstances.

Commercial loans

From cashflow to trade to debtor and invoice finance and for small to large businesses, we have a solution for your business.

With access to 24 specialist commercial lenders (plus an in-house privately-funded solution), we are ready and able to work with you to find the most appropriate funding solution for your business. Secured and unsecured, cashflow and capital business needs, talk to us about finding the best solution to injecting funds into your business.


Vehicle loans

From cars and trucks to bikes and boats we assist you to find specialised solutions appropriate to your lending needs.  Whether you're purchasing an asset in your name or through you business, we are able to assist.

SMSF loans

Looking to bolster up your retirement savings and using the tax-effective benefits of purchasing assets in your superannuation fund, we assist arranging the finance for you.

Private Funding

For lending that does not "fit the mould" for traditional lenders, we are able to harness our network to arrange funding for your needs.


Personalised and Friendly Service

We are in the people business and love communicating with our clients face to face, online, over the phone, via text, whatsapp, email or any other of your preferred methods of communicating.  Our favourite thing is when our clients pop in and come and have a cup of coffee with us.

Years of Experience

We have over 40 years combined financial services industry experience in our team from insurance to financial planning to banking and lending which we bring to the table to construct both initial and ongoing solutions with you for your long term benefit.

In-house Research Teams

We have excellent working relationships with our lenders and other partners and often workshop complex and even simple solutions with them on your behalf to insure we all collaborate on finding you the most appropriate solutions in line with your particular financial situation, needs, experience and circumstances.

Happy Clients


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